A Conclave of Gods-Fools…

As of today, I’m officially 62% of the way to my fundraising goal for the Polytheist Leadership Conference.  I actually have a bit more than that, as I received an anonymous donation through another venue last week.

That is, I’ve now raised the minimum required for me to attend the conference (including airfare, the hugest part of the cost).  Anything else raised will go towards what’s best described as the incidental cost of going to the conference.  That is, because I’ll have to leave my job in order to attend (I don’t get time-off, as Eugene is an embarrassingly wild-west sort of town) and have decided to continue the nomad-thing until I find something else, any funds raised beyond what I’ve already got will go to getting me on my feet faster.

Also, two people will be getting short-stories from me–a children’s story and a fairy-tale.  I’m game for more, by the way.

I’m humbled and utterly grateful for all of your support with this.



About Rhyd Wildermuth

An intractable tea-swilling punk, queer hooligan, and dream-soaked leftist bard, Rhyd Wildermuth has left bits of his heart(h) everywhere—in a satyr’s den in Berlin, hanging from an elder tree over a holy well in Bretagne, scattered in back alleys of Seattle, and lost somewhere in the bottom of his rucksack. He’s devoted to Welsh gods, breathes words, makes candles, plays recorder, fumbles with tech, and refuses ever to learn to drive. His main blog is: paganarch.com. View all posts by Rhyd Wildermuth

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