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Song of the Other

March 15, 2016 — 1 Comment

“We can’t co-create alone, and sometimes it requires a radical act, an intrusion into the minds of others through their ears.”

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Returning to the Forest

March 11, 2016 — 2 Comments

“Don’t doubt that, when you lend your meaning and magic to a place, something Other awakens into it.”

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This weeks’ A Sense of Place post is up–The Science of Subjugation:

I’m not just some Bard spinning human activities into rape metaphor.  I’m emulating the ‘Father of Empiricism,” Francis Bacon….That is, the cherished founder of the ‘Scientific Method’ himself, the very tenet of faith upon which much of Modern Science is founded, compared Nature to a woman that no man should feel reluctant about ‘entering and penetrating’ into her ‘holes.”

It’s in some degree a response to the belief in the infallibility and a-political nature of The Science™ which one notes in certain anti-theist Pagan circles.  The Science ™ cannot ever be white and colonialist, because The Science™   is pure and universal and all-one, because The Science™ can prove itself scientifiscally. Or something.

Didn’t know there was such a thing as anti-theist Pagans?  They Exist, bro.  I actually invited one of them to a public shirtless debate at Pantheacon, with interpretive dance.  No reply yet.

But here’s what I’ll look like if said person accepts, except with tea mugs in both hands:

dragon, hair

The Managing Editor of The Wild Hunt helped make this photo possible.


Also, fun! Dver’s at 360 dollars of her 500 dollar goal.

And Many Gods West registration starts on Sunday.

And I’ve got a shipment of books coming.  One of them? Lorna Smither’s new book. Buy it too so we can quote it at each other over tea.  We can wear shirts if you like.

And…one of the greatest things about reading the comments section of The Wild Hunt lately is that once gets a clearer picture of how many racist Pagans have mythic warrior art on their Facebook profiles but actually have lots of acne on their faces and couldn’t lift a half-full tea-kettle with both hands and thus are very, very, very terrified of anyone who doesn’t look as pasty/translucent white as them.

Wanna learn to be a warrior? Try reading this guy instead, and help him name his fox.


Be damn well, all of you!


More sundry updates than you can shake a forest at. But don’t go shaking forests.

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Some thoughts on land spirits and lots of updates.

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