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What they don’t tell you about vulnerability

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The Place of Knowing

July 5, 2016 — 9 Comments

What had made me ask that? Trilling with magic and sadness, so full of sudden knowledge and so lacking in wisdom to use it.

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“We is Crazy”

April 24, 2014 — 12 Comments

WordPress displays search terms which led people to your blog.  These are always fascinating.  My favorite thus far has been “Rhyd Wildermuth Food Stamps.”

Today I noted someone found my blog by searching “Is Sannion and Gallina crazy?”  If this is you, hello!  Thought I’d answer your question for you. By the way, it’s one “l” in her name, not two (I made that same mistake for months!) and also, two people make a plural together, so “are” is more appropriate than “is.”   But…

Yup.  They’re out of their fucking heads.  Anyone who sees the gods as real and worships them and does stuff for them is utterly unstable and very bad for society.  They should be locked up and medicated and kept out of swimming pools and nice restaurants and prevented from drinking good tea.

Me too.  And pretty much every brilliant, amazing, wonderful and fascinating person doing the same stuff, many of whom I care for quite deeply.  We’re all clinical, talking to divine beings and doing stuff on their behalf and listening to what they say and want and trying to world them into the earth.

We is crazy.  You can be too.

Much love,