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Dahut At the Floodgate

August 16, 2015 — 44 Comments

“Those clamouring for grip upon the flimsy “Pagan umbrella” have failed to learn what we must: There can be no Authority, there can be no complicity, there can be no Capital, there can be no Masters.”

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I’m crying, and he’s there,
and she-and-they are there,

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A litany of fantastic things.

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A Shield for a giant king and the revolutionary dead.

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View from the window

View from my window in 2009. Yes, that’s a disco ball.


My first original essay for Gods&Radicals was posted today, entitled The Roots of Resistance:

Capital requires new markets to expand, but the earth is limited and we only need so much shit.  Enclosures are an old trick, and the displacement they cause generate both more profit for the rich, but do something even more vital for the smooth running of Capital: displaced peoples lack community, become desperate, and most significantly of all, have no access to their history.

Slaves hauled across oceans cannot visit the graves of their ancestors; peasants forced off land cannot visit the old wells and stones which rooted their world firmly in the other.  Old contracts with the land are broken, old gods forgotten, and the standards once used to judge if an act would serve the community or damage it fall away.

There’s a lot there.  One of things that has been missing from so many conversations about Gentrification is how it’s not precisely a new form, but is a hyper-efficient process developed by early Capitalists in the British Isles.

And one of the things that’s been missing from a lot of Pagan discourse is how disenchantment springs from the soil of uprooted peoples, a point first brilliantly made to me by my friend Sarenth Odinsson.  The uprooting of peoples has had a primary cause in the last 300 years–Capitalism.

And it’s precisely the intersection between Capitalism and Disenchantment that I’ve been trying to unravel for people over the last few years, that Capitalism and Pagan belief are forever at odds, and that you cannot hope to world back the gods when everything you plant becomes uprooted by the profit-seeking of the powerful.

Other things of interest:

That piece is part of a longer chapter of the book on Pagan Anti-Capitalism I’m finally turning my (very limited) attention towards.  I’m tentatively titling the book Throwing Open the Gates, but this may change.

It appears I’ll be speaking at Many Gods West on top of co-organizing.  We had an early cancellation (one I’m really bummed about, though I understand their scheduling difficulties).

Speaking of scheduling difficulties–since January, I’ve been working full-time, and since March I’ve been putting a lot of effort into Gods&Radicals.  On top of co-organizing Many Gods West.  On top of writing monthly for The Wild Hunt.  On top of working on the book.  This…hasn’t been easy, and I’m actively looking for ways to reduce the amount of time I spend selling my time as a Social Worker.  I have about 2 hours during any day when I’m not working on something, and I don’t think I can keep up such a state for much longer.  And as waged work is the least meaningful (to me) of everything I’m doing, it’s gonna have to go somehow.  Not sure how yet, because Capitalism.  But Capitalism never stops me for long.

Be well, dear people!