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February 12, 2015 — 11 Comments

A Druid Out of His Forest

I’d meant to have a schedule posted as to where I’ll be at Pantheacon this weekend, so any of you fine folks whom I haven’t met might find me, ’cause I’d like to meet ye’.

Rather, though, let’s just try to run into each other, yeah?  There’s a few things I know for certain I’ll be at.  These include:

  • Patheos Pagan Blogging panel (Friday, 1.30pm)
  • Furious Revels (Friday, 5pm)
  • Gods and Radicals (Satyrday, 11am)
  • Turning the Wheel (Satyrday, 1.30 pm)
  • The Morrigan Speaks: Arise to Battle (Satyrday, 7pm)

Also, I’ll be intermittently helping Alley Valkyrie vend for Practical Rabbit during the daytime.

So yeah, come find me!  I’ll be the thuggish-looking tea-drinking guy who’s much nicer than he appears.

“By This I Am Made Restless, By This I Am Made Mad”

Pining, we wander the forests of desire.

For Brân

I mentioned this before, but I figured I’d mentioned it again.  Satyrday’s my birthday.  It’s also the feast of the beheaded saint Valentine.

It’s also a very great day to feed Ravens.  And Crows, Jackdaws, Magpies, Jays and Rooks.  It’d be kinda the coolest birthday gift ever, and in many places in the mid-northern climates, they’re eating in preparation for laying.

Peanuts or other large seeds or nuts are a great idea.  You can do it for me if you want; cooler if you do it for Bran, instead.  But either way, pretty awesome if you do it for them.

Thanks!  And be brutally well.


…And Laughs

January 26, 2015 — 9 Comments

Gods don’t speak quickly. They grow within us at the rate of trees or forests, they wash over us like glaciers.

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November 9, 2014 — 4 Comments


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