Your Face Is A Forest


 Now On Sale!

A collection of prosaic wanderings and essays,

including expanded versions of:

Writings on the Wheel of the Year


Where They May Be Found

and previously unpublished pieces

Available in print now


electronic book in December

15 responses to Your Face Is A Forest


    Congrats on your upcoming publication!


    Glad to hear it! Will pick it up when it comes out (from you, if possible), and have you sign it, too!


    Where and how can I buy?! I don’t want to use amazon, for obvious reasons. Do you have an ISBN number I can order it by from my local independent bookseller?


    Hey, just curious–where can we get this in the US? I don’t see it on Amazon.


    Reviewed here: I liked it immensely.

    The Abyss struck a definite chord… on the Abyss and Dionysus, have you read Nietzsche’s ‘The Birth of Tragedy’? It’s the book that brought me to Paganism and I wondered if it was an influence?


    I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t arrived. My credit card hasn’t been charged, either, so that’s good. I’ll order again and see what happens.

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